Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brisbane Courier 11 September 1902
Rockhampton Bulletin 10 September 1902.
Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, Australia. Grave of George Blond and wife Johannah Blond nee Mulcahy and George's second wife Margaret Buckley ( previously Blond ) nee Kirk
Marriage of George Louis Blond to Johannah Beaumont nee Mulcahy. St.Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia. 20 September 1862.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edward John Blond, son of George Louis Le Blond ( Blond ). Born 1 November 1869. Brisbane, Australia Married 26 May 1890. Brisbane, Australia Died 13 March 1939. Ipswich, Australia. This is the only photo that I have of my grandfather. Of interest is that the photo was taken at the wedding of Edward's eldest daughter Lillian Elizabeth Blond to James Alfred Tingle on 28 June 1913. Edward's wife Eleanor Blond nee Marks ( my grandmother ) was not in the wedding group photo as she was giving birth to my father Alfred James Blond on that day!! There were nine children in the family - 21 and a half years between eldest and youngest! Edward is the brother of George James Blond ( b. 1864 ). See blog posting below. Brothers George and Edward Blond married sisters Mary and Eleanor Marks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gold in Victoria Park !.......continued

...The Trustees of the park held a meeting on Wednesday and decided to
take no action in either granting or refusing the request of the
prospectors to be allowed to work the ground until after personal
inspection of the spot. Meanwhile the story of the discovery has been
given us from quite another point of view. A labouring man called upon
us on Wednesday and stated that about three years ago he started
fossicking in districts around Brisbane and as far north as Bundaberg.
He accumulated a quantity of specimens, which he brought with him on his
return. Living near the spot of the reported discovery, he went there in
June last with a "dolly" in order to crush his specimens, and obtain
what gold he could from them. The stones when treated in this way, flies
about a good deal, and on Sunday morning last our informant was at this
place looking among the remains of his former experiment, when some men,
believed to be the prospectors, came along and asked him what he was
looking for. He replied " for something I have lost ". They then said
there must be something in the quartz, and picking up some of the stones
they went away.

Between 3 and 4 in the afternoon, when our informant returned, he found
one of his former visitors with two other men fossicking about the
place. He believes therefore, that the specimens found are only those
which he had himself brought to the spot from various places.

The Trustees of the Victoria Park on Thursday visited the place where
the alleged discovery of gold took place, and the result of their
inspection strengthened the impression previously existing that the
precious metal is not to be obtained in payable quantities in the field.
With regard to granting the request of the prospectors to be allowed to
work the ground, grave legal difficulties exist and no permission has
been up to the present given.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

George Le Blond's son

George James Blond was born on 3 January 1864 in Brisbane, Queensland,
Australia - first child of George Louis LeBlond who was known as George
Blond by this time.

George James Blond married Mary Jane Marks ( Mary was known as Minnie )
on 20 January 1898 in Brisbane. The couple had no children.

George James Blond died in Brisbane on 23 November 1935 and Mary Jane
Blond nee Marks died on 5 November 1954 in Brisbane.

A wedding photo of George and Minnie is included.