Thursday, August 18, 2016

1864. Birth of first child/son in Spring Hill, Brisbane.3 January.

George James Blond was born on 3 January 1864 in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Queensland,
Australia - first child of George Louis LeBlond, who was known as George
Blond by this time, and his wife Johannah Blond, nee Mulcahy.Spring Hill at this time was nothing more than a bush-covered area.

George James Blond married Mary Jane Marks ( Mary was known as Minnie )
on 20 January 1898 in Brisbane. The couple had no children.

George James Blond died in Brisbane on 23 November 1935 and Mary Jane
Blond nee Marks died on 5 November 1954 in Brisbane.

A wedding photo of George and Minnie is included above.

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